Service Guide


AMCO offers whole range of services:informing the user, design, equipment to request, commissioning, technical assistance.

Explosion protection

The products and equipments destined for use in potentially explosive atmosphere are made with special protections according to standard SREN 50014/1995 corresponding to the European Standard EN 50014/1995.

The indroducing conditions on this products categories are covered by HG 752/2004 coresponding Directive 94/4/CE.

Protection degrees ensured the products, are marked on the product and present in the products catalogues AMCO 02,AMCO 03.

The equipments destined for use in average household and non commercial, in which the potentially explosive atmosphere rarely can be created only as a result of accidental leakage of fuel gas, not be subject to the above foresights.

Anticorrosive protection.Climatic protection

The products destined for operation with corrosive medium are made of special materials and/or with protective coverings.

Depending on the corrosion speed of materials and the group of prices in which the products are classified presents a character of using classified on 4 levels:copesettic,carefully,only in special conditions,impracticable.

In AMCO catalogues presents the materials in contact with the working environmentso that the user can establish the corrositivity level, consult the resistance tables of corrosion materials in various chemical agents.

The products destined using in distinct climatic atmosphere are made with special climate protections specified in AMCO catalogues.