Laboratory equipment and other products from platinic precious metals , gold, silver

The remarcable properties like corosion resistance and work at high temperatures recommand platinum as the essential material for laboratory equipments. Chemically pure platinum is the standard material for dishes and crucibles used in aqueous chemical dissolution and in the ignition or carbonisation of organic substances. As platinum already becomes very soft at 1000© applications , it can be used allied with rhodium. Small additions like 5% - 10% of rhodium increase the mechanical hardness and stress resistance without changing the remarcable properties of platinum.

AMCO OTOPENI S.A. produce a large variety of labware like: crucibles, dishes, lids for crucibles or dishes, casting dishes, electrodes, spatulas, tongs.

The labware materials can be:

•  Platinum –Rhodium alloys ( 90Pt10Rh; 93Pt7Rh; 95Pt5Rh)

•  Platinum- Gold alloys ( 95Pt5Au; 90Pt10Au)

•  Gold – Platinum alloys ( 95Au5Pt; 90Au10Pt)

Other materials can be supplied on request.