Catalysts from platinic precious metals

Many chemical processes employ platinum group metals catalysts to improve the efficiency of different reactions.

The platinum –rhodium catalysts take form of gauzes made aut of fine wire. AMCO OTOPENI S.A. produces woven gauzes since 1970.The diameters for gauzes are between 1200- 4200 mm; using thin wires with diameters between 0.060 – 0.091 mm, in a large scale of platinum – rhodium alloys ( 90Pt10Rh; 92Pt8Rh; 93Pt7Rh; 95Pt5Rh).

The platinum-rhodium catalysts are used in the production of nitric acid, in the oxidation process of ammonia gas with air, in order to form the nitric oxide, in the nitrofertilisers plant.

The nonfertilisers uses for platinum alloys gauzes include the production of cianhidric acid , first step for the production of sodium cyanide or potassium cyanide ( NaCN, KCN) , or the production of metacrilic acid esther.